Babyjem – Play Mat w/ Balls – Rose

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  • Babyjem 3 in 1 baby playmat can provide your baby with a lot of fun and gain the ability to play in person as well
  • Side rails create a protected playground for your baby. There is a pillow inside for your baby’s comfort.
  • the colourful balls in the playmat will provide joyful playtime in the form of game pool
  • 100% cotton fabric babyjem pool ball, play rug does not irritate your baby’s skin
  • 0 Months+

It is designed so that your baby can have a good time and gain the ability to play alone. The product includes a play pole designed with colourful toys that will attract the attention of your baby playing in the game pool. The floor part is soft thanks to the fibber filling. It is light and practical. You can machine wash the floor of the playmat by untying the soft pole parts. and the Mat part has a very soft breathable fibber filling. The 25 coloured balls that come out of the product allow your baby to have a pleasant time in the playground in the form of a play pool.

When your baby tries to reach the toys in 3 different colours on the soft poles, the movements he will perform will improve your baby’s fine motor skills such as reaching and exploring. There is a pillow inside for your baby’s comfort. Easily portable. The edge protectors can be opened with the side laces and can be used as a play mat when desired. With its 100% cotton fabric, Babyjem Pool Play Rug does not irritate your baby’s skin.

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