Babyjem – Pregnant Sleeping Pillow – Grey

359.00 د.إ

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  • It is suitable for use as a head pillow.
  • You do not need to use a separate head pillow.
  • prevent waist & legs pain

It is designed for expectant mothers to have a comfortable and healthy pregnancy period. It supports reducing pain in the waist, back, legs, etc., which usually starts after the first 3rd month of pregnancy. It minimizes your waist and back pain by constantly supporting your back with a pillow, not staying in space. When you lie on your side, you can prevent back pain, which occurs when the weight on your stomach shifts to one side, by supporting the bottom of the abdomen with the pillow. It will also help you breathe easier.

Your legs are raised against the swelling that occurs in the feet with the weighted body, your legs will stay elevated by relying on this huge pillow and help blood circulation to reduce swelling.

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