Babyjem – Side Sleep Pillow – Pinguin – Grey

129.00 د.إ

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  • Zippered Cover
  • The zippered cover is machine washable
  • 0 Months+
  • Side pillows can be shaped according to the size of your baby thanks to the soft Velcro on the floor.

The side-lying position recommended for new-born babies is recommended to prevent obstructions that may occur due to vomiting. Babyjem Safe Side Sleeping Pillow with Bunny makes the side sleeping position recommended for new-borns safe and comfortable for your baby. The side sponges that support your baby’s back and belly, which you lay on the soft fibber-filled floor of the pillow, provide him with a comfortable and safe sleeping area.

It helps to keep the head posture of your baby lying in the side position, in the side position it should be. Thanks to its sponges on the back and abdomen, it prevents your baby from waking up by turning to different positions. Its cute figures and soft velvet texture provide a comfortable sleeping space without irritating your baby’s skin.

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