Garnet Prayer Beads, 33 beads (Natural Stone)

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100% Authentic and Natural Stones
Love, Loyalty, Commitment
Primary Chakras: Root, Sacral, Heart
Astrological signs: Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
A stone of commitment. The gorgeous, deep shades of red in the garnet are said to energize wearers, which could help them deal with health issues. Wear garnet to give your whole system a boost, revitalize your body, and promote your emotional well-being by boosting your confidence. The stone is also said to bring protection from evil and bad karma. Garnet encourages personal relationships of all kinds, and is a useful relationship tool both personally and in business. Powerful Garnet can cleanse the chakras of negative energies and re-energize them. Wear your garnet anywhere, but near the heart is said to be optimal.

• ARTISAN-MADE: Our natural Garnet prayer beads are made by artisans in India, where helping to support their work while lending skill, quality and authenticity to our product.

• HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: These items are made with fine materials and premium craftsmanship in order to contain spiritual energy and provide an attractive piece to enjoy.

• THE PERFECT GIFT: Our artisan-made item is the perfect spiritual gift for your loved ones. Each item is made with beautiful natural materials and intention, creating a meaningful gift to show someone you care.

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