Jade Tower (Natural Stone), 3 inches

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100% Authentic and Natural Stones
• Benefit: Stability, Prosperity, Longevity
• Primary Chakras: Heart, Root
Astrological signs: Libra, Pisces, Taurus

It can be kept in a cash register to increase business, or carried/worn to start a new enterprise. It can be placed in and around the home to bring peace and harmony to all who reside there, and when placed near the Heart chakra, encourages unconditional love. A protective stone, Nephrite Jade can be used to prevent accidents and other mishaps.
It promotes sustainability and longevity, fosters levels of energetic protection, aids with increased feelings of courage.

Physically, Jade alleviates skin problems such as acne; assists the lymphatic system; helps with bladder and kidney problems, and eases the pain of arthritis and other joint illnesses, especially in the hips. Nephrite also helps with fluid retention, high blood pressure and imbalances in blood sugar levels.

• ARTISAN-MADE: Our natural Jade products are made by artisans in India, where helping to support their work while lending skill, quality and authenticity to our product.

• HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: These items are made with fine materials and premium craftsmanship in order to contain spiritual energy and provide an attractive piece to enjoy.

• THE PERFECT GIFT: Our artisan-made item is the perfect spiritual gift for your loved ones. Each item is made with beautiful natural materials and intention, creating a meaningful gift to show someone you care.

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