Syndet Gel Shampoo Roofa 200ml (For new born Babies & Adults)

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Its natural active ingredients such as calendula and panthenol provide the skin and scalp with moisture, softness and protection against external aggressions. Gel – shampoo contains ingredients that nourish while cleaning.

SYNDET means sulphate-free, the sulphates remove every particle on the skin not only the dirt but also all the grease, including the natural oils that our skin creates to stay healthy and protect itself from external agents. On our skin, and especially on our baby’s skin, it is important to keep this protective natural oil barrier intact.

In addition, it is so natural that it contains no parabens, no colorants, no mineral oils, and no perfume, all of which can irritate our baby’s skin, nor does it contain phthalates, salt, and phenoxyethanol, which is a preservative with allergenic power that can cause irritation to the baby’s delicate skin. The natural formula of the syndet shampoo gel maintains the pH of the skin and scalp, avoiding at the same time alterations in the protective acid mantle of the skin, which therefore makes it suitable for newborns. It does not sting the eyes.

Contains thermal spring water from the termes de Salies-de-Béarn known for its therapeutic properties
Contains 95% natural ingredients – ECOCERT CERTIFICATION
Paraben Free
Colorant Free
Phthalates Free
Salt & Mineral Oil Free

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